Cool-Mist 300ML Ultrasonic Diffuser

Cool-Mist 300ML Ultrasonic Diffuser for Essential Oils

Cool-Mist 300ML Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Create a peaceful and relaxing environment with the Cool-Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser

It will instantly improve your mood, help you focus, and keep you calm throughout the day and night. Guaranteed to make your home or office smell unforgettable with the use of your favorite essential oil. 

No More Sleepless Nights

This sleek and powerful diffuser produces a cool mist that effectively relieve stress, insomnia, allergies, and dryness for total relaxation and peaceful night sleep.

Enhance your experience by creating an aromatic atmosphere with our very popular essential oil gift set. Place it anywhere in your home or office to improve the air quality. Add a few drops of essential oil to create a peaceful getaway.

Nouveau Breeze Cool Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect gift to your family, friends, and lover for holidays and special occasions.

Product Detail: 

  • Humidification Method: Ultrasonic
  • Automatic Shutoff: Yes
  • Room Size (sq. ft.): 500 square feet
  • Power Source: USB charging cord¬†
  • LED Light Lighting: Seven colors rotating¬†
  • Quiet Humidification: Low noise level 25 dB
  • Mist¬† Mode: Intermittent & Continuous
  • Easy To Clean

    What our customers are saying

    This is indeed an aroma diffuser! The mist of the aroma stays for a long time in the air. This is truly quality, I love it!

    Emma O.

    This lovely essential oil diffuser is perfect for aromatherapy. I use it everyday after work. It has a beautiful scent and is super relaxing.

    Angela B.

    I've purchased many air purifiers, but this one is super effective. I love that it is portable. I can use it anywhere in the house and on the go.

    Sarah J.

    The best diffuser I've ever purchase. I will definitely upgrade to a bigger size. Nouveau Breeze products are great quality.

    Jennifer A.

    This diffuser moisturizes my home work space exactly as intended. The aroma of the essential oil fills the room amazingly.

    Howard N.
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